Like Royalty

Welcome to Empire Bespoke Cakes

Empire Bespoke Cakes is a bespoke cake design service based in Dublin 15. We specialise in designing one of a kind celebration cakes and bakes which will delight and tantalise your guests at all your festivities.
We take pride in carefully considered design creating a cake that is extra special.

How it started!

Hi!  I’m Noeleen and I dream in cake! 

After many years in the corporate world I took a break in 2012 to stay at home and have some fun with my 2 daughters.  When my oldest daughter asked me to decorate a cake for her just like one she had seen on YouTube, off we went to a cake supplies shop, bought some tools, and I’ve been up to my elbows in buttercream and ganache ever since!

How it’s going!

All of my cakes are designed and made in my pretty blue and pink cabin among the cherry blossom and silver birch trees in my garden.  It’s my sanctuary and creative space.  I can sit for hours at my table watching the birds, designing cakes and making intricate sugar flowers petal by petal.

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