Classic Vanilla

Madagascan vanilla flavored sponge layered with strawberry or raspberry preserve and finished with a smooth buttercream.

Zingy Lemon Drizzle

Lemon sponge drizzled with a lemon syrup and filled with lemon curd and layered with buttercream.

Elderflower and Lemon

Lemon sponge filled with lemon and elderflower curd and layers of elderflower buttercream.

Red Velvet

This cake is moist but so light and fluffy, it really is the perfect match for all that delicious frosting!

Toffee Apple

A celebration of classic apple desserts, this spiced sponge is filled with caramel apple and vanilla icing.

Salted Caramel

Toffee flavored sponge filled with Maldon Sea Salt Caramel and caramel flavored buttercream.


Almond sponge layered with cherry preserve and almond buttercream.

Carrot Cake

Traditional Carrot cake with crushed walnuts and pineapple filled with lemon white chocolate ganache.

Traditional Irish Fruit Cake

Using a very special recipe handed down through my mother’s family for generations, I hope your family love it as much as we do.


Simply Chocolate

Chocolate sponge filled with chocolate buttercream and covered in chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Biscuit

Our lucious biscuit cakes are made with the finest melted Belgian dark and milk chocolate and filled with digestive biscuits, homemade honeycomb and maltesers. We can include your favorite bar in the mix. Just let us know.

Chocolate Oreo

Chocolate sponge filled with Oreo crumb buttercream and covered in chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Orange

Fluffy orange infused sponge filled with orange curd and dark chocolate ganache.

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